FB Cover1What is The Addiction Recovery Program?

The Addiction Recovery Program (often referred to as ARP) is a 12-step program that incorporates gospel principles and fosters recovery and healing.  ARP helps anyone battling addiction in any form (drug, pornography, eating disorder, etc…).  With the Savior’s help you can overcome your addictions and find new meaning to life.  ARP also provides support to spouses and family of someone experiencing addiction.  Family and friends can learn to rely on the Savior for healing and to help them support their loved ones through recovery.

The Addiction Recovery Program is put on by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  It is a safe place where your confidentiality is upheld.  They run their meetings by the same motto of other addiction recovery meetings:  Anything seen there, or heard there, is to remain there.  You are always encouraged to only share your first name, and you are also always given the opportunity to just be an observer and not participate in any of the discussion–and that is totally normal, and not awkward or looked down upon.  Simply being at a meeting is a big step towards recovery.

Where can I Find A Meeting?

Meetings hare typically held at a church meeting house.  Click on find a meeting to the 12 Step program, or check it out below.


Why try The Addiction Recovery Program?

It works. Many people have found great success in healing and recovering from their addictions, and are able to live happy, healthy lives. Addiction no longer has a crippling grip on their lives, and their relationships. Here are some stories from people who have had success:

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It’s free. You don’t have to pay anything to be part of this spiritual approach to healing from addiction. All it “cost” is about 90 minutes of your time each week… and that is a very minor cost for recovery from your addiction.

I invite you to seek out a meeting and give the Addiction Recovery Program a try. I have personally seen the way people have healed and recovered from their addictions through this program (I, myself, have healed and recovered from my own addiction), and I know of no other way that one can truly recover and heal, than with the aide of God, and by the power of His Son, Jesus Christ. The idea of this website came to me because of my experiences in the ARP program. Christ truly is The Captain of My Soul.

Give yourself to The Captain of Your Soul and receive the blessings that are constantly being offered to you, and see the tender mercies He places in your life each and every day.

-From A loving brother