The Miracle of Forgiveness

Find a copy of the book “The Miracle of Forgiveness” on Amazon This past Sunday, August 16th, I was asked to speak at our church services. It is common practice in our church to have members of our local areas give a 10-20 minute talk during our sacrament meeting on a theme chosen by the leaders of the local congregation. It is a great opportunity for us individually to be … Read More

Whatever it Takes… No Matter the Cost.

“Obedience brings blessings… Strict obedience brings MIRACLES!” What is happiness worth to you? What about peace? If you have addictions, or addictive behaviors that you can’t seem to overcome, what price would you pay to have them removed? Sometimes, depending on circumstances and situations, we are more willing to walk away from our “comfort zone,” or remove ourselves from temptations path, than at other times. There are times we want … Read More

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