Hope - Change
Hope Ignites Change

When you are working towards a goal it is always good to look to someone who has come before you and been successful.  It sparks hope within us, and hope is the catalyst of all change.The idea behind this page is to help you find people who have battled through the same, or similar challenges, that you are facing, and have been successful in someway.

Please share with us your hope building experiences and help lift someone else.  You never know what kind of impact your story can have on someone.  It may make all the difference.Share Your Success Story  We hold confidentiality and anonymity in the highest regard and therefore will not publish any personal details of those that have submitted their stories to share here (unless the individual requested it).


Recovering From Pornography Addiction

Be Steadfast and Immovable

My New Resolution/Affirmation I believe that daily affirmations help us change our thoughts and give us momentum to make desired changes, and reach desired goals. This is my new affirmation to help me make changes... Read More

Gratitude is the Key To Happiness

What are you thankful for? If you’re not making time on a regular basis to ask yourself that important question, you’re missing out on some incredible benefits that can help you be a better leader,... Read More



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