All Things Are Possible With Christ

Sometimes life is tough. We have difficult situations that are thrown at us, and we are not sure how, or if, we can get through them. It is easy to lose hope in such a world where we are constantly bombarded with negative messages that tell us we are not good enough, or that people don’t like us, or that we are disappointments, or a lost cause. Sometimes we see loved ones, or friends, go through difficult times and we wish that we could help them. Sometimes it is hard to see things in the proper perspective, and we doubt that things will ever change.
I can do all things in Christ

With Christ, There is always hope

I have come to know through my experiences that there is always hope with Christ. He can change our very natures. He can give us strength to persevere. He invites us to turn to Him and accept His assistance and power. I have seen men and women escape from the darkness of depression. I have seen men and women changed who were once horribly addicted to substances, sex, or pornography. As they turned to Christ and did the things that He asks of each of us, they were able to change and completely recover from such “hopeless” circumstances. The world would have us believe that addicts have no hope–once and addict, always an addict. This idea is a lie from Satan, who seeks to destroy our souls by planting such ideas into our minds until we start to believe them and lose hope. If you find yourself believing this lie, I invite you to try to believe that there is hope for you… because there is always hope. You can experience great changes in your life, no matter how much you feel that God can’t possibly love you… He does, and He is there for you, waiting for you to allow Him to embrace you and work mighty miracles in your life.

I know this from watching others experience such mighty miracles in their lives, and I have also experienced such miracles in my own life as I have overcome addictions, depression, and anxiety. The changes that have occurred in my life were because of my willingness to finally give up on trying to combat them on my own, and to turn things over to God. If you don’t believe there is a God, it is ok. There is a God, and He loves you unconditionally. You don’t have to do some acts on your own to qualify you for His love. It is always there. Even if you have the slightest desire for change in your life and the slightest desire to believe in God and to turn to Him, you can begin your journey to recovery and healing.

Where Do You Begin

Feast upon the words of Christ

Part of believing in God and in Christ is believing in their promises. Turning to the Bible, and for me I also turn to The Book of Mormon to know what promises God has made. The Bible and Book of Mormon work hand in hand to help me understand God’s will and the words of Christ, and the great promises that God has made to all of His children. Feasting upon the words contained in these Holy Works is more than just reading them… it is seeking answers and searching for promises that are made to you and turning to God in prayer to ask if they are true. Believe their promises of deliverance. Again, refer back to the first scripture above, Philipians 4:13: All things are possible through Christ who will give you strength.

If you are struggling with addiction, there is hope. Men and women are receiving great strength through a program called The Addiction Recovery Program that is provided by LDS Family Services and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Again, mighty miracles of change are occurring daily. People that struggle with the same addictions you do are experiencing such changes, or have experienced such changes to where their nature is completely changed and they have no more desire to continue in their addiction. Here is a link to the program and where group classes are held ( I know it may be hard to muster up the courage to go. It was for me, but that first step to walk into the “rooms of recovery” has changed my life, and I know it has the power to do the same for you.

Give yourself to The Captain of Your Soul, who is Christ, and receive the blessings that are constantly being offered to you, and see the tender mercies He places in your life each and every day.

-From A loving brother

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